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March 16th I'm going to see AnCafe live, Tanoshimi~ >w<

They're one of the bands I've wanted the pleasure of seeing live, them and D.

I also pre-ordered the Kat-Tun school calendar 08-09, can't wait til I get my hands on that. Other than some clothing buys and stuff, I'm feeling great, my life is going really great right now, the only thing I'm really missing is a nice boyfriend, but it's not a must :P

I've really gotten into ANUBIS, aicle & Anjyu lately too ^^; (I'm such a sucker for Oshare Bands...not that ANUBIS is one but the other two ;D)

Takki, signing off

Apology and Moi Dix Mois

Hi, Hi

Sorry for not writing a lot..last one was a year ago, haha ^^;

Anyway, I saw Moi Dix Mois live this weekend. I loved it, except for the crazy sons-of-bitches fangirls ):< Squished my ribs and cut off my air 'cause I'm so short >.<
I can't upload any photos since it's Photo Ban at most concerts, and a very strict one at this..


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Hiya :P

I'm home for lunch now. I have been working for a week and It's horrible >___<
I've cleaned a whole movie theater -_-
But I got a three hour lunch because the cleaning crew's nice, lol ;O

And I love Miyavi's new album "MYV POPS".
You should really get it if you like him so..^^

Well, back to work, see ya :)


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I think I'm gonna have a nosebleed X_x

I just saw an image of Kamijo (from Lareine) as Lestat from Interview with the vampire. A dream just came true XD

And for those who don't know who Kamijo is that's just too bad 'cause he sings beautifully and looks very gorgeous so nya =^.^=

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I don't have alot of time now. I'm working today at a restaurant to collect money for school. I have too -_-;

I'm working on coloring a Shounen-Ai drawing I drew yesterday. It features Ragnarok Online. It's my High Priest, Junji and a friend's Assassin Cross, Kurocifer :P

Oh, I recently began loving The korean rock group The TRAX seriously now. I listened to them before but know, geez :P

Only a few days left of school too :) GREETINGS, SUMMER VACATION! :D
I love summer, if the weather would be warmer, stupid north >____>

Well, I need to eat breakfast now, Roketto Bai-Bi :)
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New Layout

As you can see, I have made a new layout :)
Sorry for not writing here often but I've been busy.

The layout features Kamijo from Lareine^-^

...God, I'm hungry...

Let's see, is there anything new....Oh, I'm taking a trip to America in approx. a week. I'm visiting my dad there and I've ordered a Miyavi skirt, a h.Naoto Collar & some Diru Cards. I really can't afford them since I need some cash for my trip but I bought them anyways ;D


Well, I really need to go to the bathroom now so..Ja Ne ^^;
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